Elizabeth Carpenter, MS, L.Ac., Chief Clinician & Director

Elizabeth Carpenter, MS, L.Ac.

Elizabeth Carpenter, MS, L.Ac., CEFP began her New York Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practice 1998, after twenty years of  dancing with major companies.  In 2010 she launched Oriens Living, her Energy Medicine &  Mind-Body Practices Center in Manhattan.

Elizabeth is a national board certified acupuncturist and herbalist with a Masters in Science from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  Other certifications include Bowen Therapy from the National Bowen Academy of Australia,  Harmonyum Healing from Naam Yoga Therapies, and HeartMath® coherence-building technologies from The Institute of  HeartMath®. Elizabeth is a Qualified HeartMath® Instructor and works with individuals, organizations and companies to effectively reduce and handle stress for greater health and profitability. Other advanced training includes Meditation, Laser Therapy, Functional Nutrition, Homotoxicology, Mehta™ Massage, and Chinese Medicine Gynecology.

The Oriens Approach brings together Elizabeth’s commitment to scientific currency, expertise in time-tested healing and wisdom practices, and respect for the universal quest for meaning in our health and life experiences.

Elizabeth has served on the faculties of Hobart & William Smith Colleges, Oberlin College, University of California at Sonoma,  the Masters Program of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and the Masters  Program of Oriental Medicine at Touro University.  She has helped train and supervise hundreds of acupuncturists and develop curriculum at the graduate level. She has also served on the boards of and is a member of professional organizations, including the Acupuncture Society of New York and the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and has been a consultant to the New York State Acupuncture Coalition.

She has worked closely with Dr. Randine Lewis (author, The Infertility Cure), teaching at her reknown Fertile Soul™retreats, and is a founding member of Dr. Lewis’ integrative medicine and allied professionals group, Clinical Excellence in Fertility Professionals (CEFP).

Elizabeth was part of the roundtable that developed Haelth, LLC, an early integrative medicine model using research in practice, to bridge the gap between biomedicine and CAM (complementary alternative medicine.

Oriens Living picks up where Haelth left off, using evidence-based mind-body strategies and dialoguing with physicians and other members of the patient’s care team for integrative care.  Her approach  layers best practices with methods to harness the individual’s drive for meaning and self-understanding in their health, life and healing experience to foster enduring positive outcomes.

Elizabeth is a featured speaker and presenter for both small and large organizations.    Please visit the Speaking page.

To become a patient, or to invite Elizabeth to speak at your event contact Oriens:

 212.213.5785 or info@oriensliving.com.

Praise for Elizabeth

When I was diagnosed with premature ovarian syndrome my hopes for having a baby were shattered. With an FSH of 134 I was given a 5% chance of conceiving naturally. After many tears I found Elizabeth who restored my faith and body. With acupuncture, herbs, vitamins and a new diet plan I floored my RE. My RE stood in amazement as we saw a little heart beating on the ultrasound screen. Without the need for a donor egg and IVF…I was pregnant!As I now hold my little girl in my arms, I will be eternally grateful to Elizabeth. -Rocio Cota-Solar

“Elizabeth Carpenter is at the forefront of blending the concepts of Eastern and Western Medicine.  I came to Elizabeth to improve my fertility; my work with her has given me so much more than that.

With her treatment and guidance I have optimized my health and well-being with nutrition, exercise and supplements. The surprise has been a positive mind-set and renewed sense of energy. I feel as if I have undergone a transformation of mind, body and spirit. The Oriens experience has deeply touched my soul and changed my entire outlook on life, such that I feel I am a completely different person.

Elizabeth is a kind compassionate practitioner who has been an ongoing source of inspiration for me.”
-Manju Rentala, MD

“I first came to Elizabeth in the hopes of addressing some medical ailments that were disrupting my day to day life. During our first meeting, the assessments were so profound that I found myself with a box of tissues and a warm hug from Elizabeth. She doesn’t just address the physical body but delves much deeper. From the first session my body and problems started to change and everything about me seemed calmer and more peaceful. I was healing already.

The layering of modalities Elizabeth brings to the patient experience makes her one of the most powerful healers in New York City. Everything I needed was in her practice. ORIENS is a beautiful indulgence of mine and it has helped me focus on living my best life. Elizabeth Carpenter is the best there is at creating an action plan for you! This is a place where you will receive top care and learn how to love and bless your mind, body and spirit.”
-Ingrid Aybar, Attorney at Law.


“I went to many acupuncturists, fertility clinics and doctors before reading The Infertility Cure by Dr. Randine Lewis, who recommended that I see Elizabeth Carpenter. I had been told by everyone that I had no chance of getting pregnant. One doctor even told me that I had a .0001% chance of getting pregnant. But I knew in my heart that I could and when I went to see Elizabeth she said there was always hope. The work with Elizabeth changed my life forever and brought me my daughter!”
-Ellen Canter, Employee Benefits Coordinator

“A few years ago I was at Canyon Ranch and they referred me to Elizabeth for when I returned to the City. She was not only their main NYC referral, she was there lecturing. I went to hear her, and knew right away I had found the right person to help me through the medical and stress challenges I was facing. Since that time she has worked with every member of my family.  Unless it’s an emergency, I call Elizabeth first and our MD second.”
-Ann Arbon, Film Producer

“Elizabeth and her dedicated team have changed my life and opened up a whole new world for me! When my doctor told me that my only option for my fibroids was a hysterectomy, I decided to try acupuncture and was referred to Elizabeth.

I was very nervous at first as this was a completely new experience for me. But Elizabeth’s compassion and thorough assessment allayed any fears I had and after my first session I felt results. After three months of following her plan, my symptoms are virtually gone.

The environment at Oriens is a nurturing place that allows one to heal and feel very supported. I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with them!”
-Donna Montanno, Graphic Designer