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Oriens provides you with an entire community of experts dedicated to your wellness and success on all levels.

Individual Services 

Sometimes it’s simple. For example you twist your ankle, catch a cold, or are under extra stress. Or you just need a “tune-up.”  In this case one specific therapy or even a single session can be a game-changer, facilitating your shift back to feeling good and operating at your highest level. 

Surround & Support Care Programs

But more often it isn’t simple at all. In fact it feels quite complicated and frustrating.  Whatever is going on, you need to get to the bottom of it.  And getting well, up-leveling your health & well-being to match your potential — thriving — will be more easily achieved by a combined approach.

Oriens Surround & Support Care Programs — a team of experts collaborating on your behalf.

Who is a Candidate for Surround & Support Care?

> You’ve been unwell for months or years, and you’re not making significant progress through other channels.

> You’ve been diagnosed with a bigger issue like infertility or an autoimmune illness.

> You want balanced care where your MD’s advice and your holistic interests  complement and partner [rather than compete] with one another, for your benefit.

>  You are ready to break the toxic stress cycle of overwhelm and exhaustion. You desire much more from your life, expect greater health than you are experiencing.  You are ready to radically shift your life toward fulfillment.


Maya Abdominal Massage, Simone Burgos

What is Oriens Surround & Support?
This unique Oriens option follows the Oriens Approach that moves you from under-performing to thriving.  It is a proven method for gaining measurable and sustained results.

“Surround & Support” means you have a team.  You are the central player.  We case conference your care internally, and we reach out to the MD’s and other professionals you may already be working with.

The treatments, the advice, the tools and information are designed to be consistent, and work synergistically.  You are “rewiring” for thriving.  In the new biology and understanding of why things work well and why they don’t, we realize that high functioning arises from energetic organization.

As you break through into higher states of energetic  organization at the cellular, tissue, system and mind levels, you begin to experience a state called “coherence.”  In layman’s terms:   physical health, mental agility, emotional stability and spiritual groundedness.

Oriens means, “toward the rising sun,” a new day, transformation. In your custom Surround & Support Program, our experts work together and with you as you engage the highly successful Oriens Approach:

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