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Message from Elizabeth

Optimum health is about managing energy. Most of us  however, are taught to equate medicine with managing problems. Everything is energy, from the densest structure to the most ephemeral thought. Research in neurocardiology explains how our heart-brain communication drives hormonal, immune and nervous system activity and affects cognition. We can self-regulate.  The exciting new field of epigenetics reveals how our lifestyle, thoughts and emotions impact the expression of our genetic blueprint. We can help write our own future. My mission as a speaker, writer and as Chief Clinician and Director of the Oriens Living Clinic, is to make this breakthrough information your reality: to effectively up-level your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and resilience. I call it Next Level Healing. Effective energy medicine therapies and mind-body practices  direct and organize how energy works within, to help you move into thriving.. Elizabeth Carpenter, MS, L.Ac. Chief Clinician & Director

Elizabeth is featured in the spring issue of< GLOW Magazine